Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunrise in Kampinos Forest

What is better than sorting out taxes? A Sunday walk in Kampinos forest, a national park just on the edge of Warsaw just after sunrise.

The entrance to the forest, rather muddy at the beginning, but later leads onto wooden walkways. There is a wonderful nature trail here, which I must follow to the end another day.

Off to the left at the beginning of the trail are some 'damp' meadows which are currently being managed to prevent them being overgrown with bushes, they support several sorts of butterflies from April. 

 The meadows are in the floodplain of a small stream, which at this time of the year makes an extensive bog several kilometres across. A typical valley bottom landscape here:

Beyond the bog is mixed typical mixed pine and leafy forest - here mainly with an undergrowth of many species of mosses, and not a few fine lichens - amazingly for an area so close to the dirty city.