Sunday, December 23, 2012

Western European Broadleaf Forests (5)

There are a few patches of Western European broadleaf forest ecosystems on the western fringes of the areas occupied by the Early Medieval Slavic-speaking communities, in Austria, Czech Republic (Bohemian Massif), western Germany (Central German Uplands, Bavarian Plateau) and adjacent areas.  It is essentially composed of lowland and alti-montane beech and mixed beech forests  It also includes small areas of sub-Mediterranean and meso-supra-Mediterranean downy oak forests and mixed oak hornbeam forests. This ecoregion hosts a good variety of animal species, birds in particular, and formerly a range of larger mammals.

 Beech forest, Vtáčnik, Slovakia (Wikipedia)

Broadleaf  forest (
Map of distribution of W. European Broadleaf Forest (Encyclopedia of the Earth) Google map of the western European Broadleaf forests Google map of the western European Broadleaf forests

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